KingGee has a long history in Australia, starting from its establishment in 1926 by Robert Adcock in Sydney. Although KingGee first made a name for its quality overalls, its methods of diversification took off with the underlying motto being “Where Comfort is King.” In fact, comfort, durability, and functionality are the core criteria of every work shirt, pant, or boot sent out with KingGee name.

The name KingGee points to King George V and originally meant “the best” or “tops.” When KingGee expanded its line to include additional workwear items and work boots, including the Workcool and Tradies brands, it brought the same mentality of creating only the best shirts, socks, boots, and more.

KingGee is a name that brings to mind almost 100 years of quality and careful craftsmanship. Designers at KingGee focus on finding innovative clothing solutions so that every new workwear product matches the changing needs and demands of different work environments. Such innovations bring cooling technology to shirts and more comfortable work boot designs so that you can do your best work in all conditions.

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