Can You Wear Composite Toe Boots on Any Site? 

Yes, you can wear composite toe boots on many worksites, particularly where they meet the safety standards required for that site’s specific risks and regulations. Composite toe boots are a [...]

How to Stop Getting Blisters from Work Boots

To stop getting blisters from work boots, ensure your boots fit properly and break them in gradually.

Can You Wear Steel Cap Boots on a Plane?

Yes, you can wear steel cap boots on a plane in Australia, both on domestic and international flights. However, it’s crucial to consider specific factors that can impact your travel [...]

Composite Toe vs Steel Toe Boots

Choose composite toe boots for comfort and insulation in less hazardous environments, and steel toe boots for maximum protection and durability in heavy-duty settings. Our experts have helped [...]

How to Stretch Work Boots

Have you ever thrown on a new pair of work boots, gone to work, and then spent the day feeling like your feet are getting crushed? We’ve been there too. Fortunately, just a few simple steps can [...]

How to Clean Work Boots

Many people tend to prioritise durability when buying new work boots, which is why it is easy to neglect them until signs of wear begin to appear. However, with proper care and maintenance, work [...]

How to Wash Greasy Mechanic Uniforms

When your profession is centred on repairing cars, dealing with thick, sticky oil and grease is part of your job description. Such dirt and grime can be difficult to remove, which often forces [...]

The Essential Farmer’s Workwear Guide

Farming is physically demanding. It’s a job that not only requires agricultural knowledge and dedication but also good quality clothing. That’s why picking the right farm clothing and [...]

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