Guide: Everything You Need to Know About Hard Hats

All workplaces are required to ensure the safety of their employees from possible head and bodily injuries. When you work on an industrial or construction site, you should always protect your [...]

Why is First Aid So Important? A Guide

Understanding first aid gives you the advantage of helping those in need. At any moment, you or someone else could get ill or experience an injury. With basic first aid knowledge, you can prevent [...]

How to Wash Safety and Hi-Vis Workwear Properly

If you wear safety gear or hi-visibility workwear, you most likely understand that rips, tears, dirt, and stubborn stains are to be expected. You dress in these types of clothing to protect [...]

PPE Responsibility in 2022

Almost two years have passed since COVID affected millions and millions of lives worldwide. One issue that we still face, aside from the pandemic itself, involves general practices for the [...]

Healthy Eating Tips for FIFO Workers

Eating healthy is always ideal but difficult to do, especially as a Fly In Fly Out (FIFO) worker. One would think that it’s easy to stay fit in industries like mining, construction, and [...]

Best Tips to Keep Workers Sun-Safe This Summer

Construction workers, fishers, postal workers, gardeners, and farmers: what do they have in common? They all work under the sun, which makes it crucial for them to stay protected from sun [...]

Benefits of Printed Workwear for Your Business

Some businesses, especially start-ups, don’t require their employees to wear a uniform. It could be due to a lax work environment or to inspire freedom of expression. While it does have [...]

Guide to High Visibility Clothing

If you work in an industry that poses a high risk to your physical safety, you most likely require high visibility clothing. The type of hi-vis safety apparel you need will depend on a few [...]

How Often Should You Replace Your Work Boots?

Speciality work boots are essential for people working in a hazardous environment. They are specially designed to keep feet comfortable, which is vital for jobs that require standing and walking [...]

The Importance of Skin Protection in Any Workplace Environment

Being a hard worker does not mean you have to neglect skincare and protection. No matter what industry you’re in, your skin is important. It’s the biggest barrier that protects your [...]

Tax Deductible Workwear Guide

Do you wear a suit on a normal working day? Perhaps you’re like other people wearing a uniform with your company’s logo. Many businesses have a dress code, which is one thing that you [...]

How to Stay Hydrated at Work

Most people spend approximately 90,000 hours working throughout their lifetime. Because of loaded schedules, moving from one meeting to the next, and sitting in front of computers for several [...]

Waterproof and Winter Workwear Guide: How to Stay Productive in Cold Weather

The right workwear is a worthwhile investment. It’s the key to a productive workplace where everyone feels comfortable with what they wear. Choosing the correct workwear often increases [...]

Australian PPE Standards Guide: Everything You Need to Know

The emergence of COVID-19 has highlighted the importance of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). But even before the pandemic, some workers have been using PPE, particularly those in high-risk [...]

Hospitality Workwear Guide – Find the Right Uniform for Your Job

Your gear is a statement that tells people what your brand is about. It’s always crucial to have apparel that keeps you and your staff looking and feeling great. Whether you want to stick [...]

Things to Consider When Choosing Corporate Workwear

Corporate workwear is defined as clothing that workers or employees wear for work on a regular basis. In other words, it is the actual uniform that the company has specified. Sometimes, it can [...]

Understanding Fire Retardant Clothing – Stay Safe at Work

Workers Shop wants to make sure that modern workers are safe, comfortable, and confident while wearing quality work garments. We have a range of fire-retardant clothing for workers who face the [...]

Safety Glasses: Finding the Best Option for Your Work

Eye hazards exist everywhere but most especially in the workplace. Some jobs, however, are exposed to bigger threats. These risks can have an impact on the employees physically and even [...]

Sunscreen Safety for Workers: How to Keep Your Skin Protected

For many Australians, the workplace is a significant source of ultraviolet exposure. Outdoor workers have a high risk of skin cancer. It’s not entirely surprising that several workers with years [...]

Uniforms: How to Buy the Right Clothes and Equipment for the Job

Appearances matter – whether we like it or not – especially in clothing when one is in the corporate world. Uniforms, most importantly, are a representation of the company and the place of work. [...]

Find the Right Bag for Your Work & Tools

Every worker needs a bag, but which type of bag do you need? Should it be a big, bulky backpack or would a small, handy tool bag be more useful for you? This blog post will help you figure out [...]

How to Stay Safe When Working with Chemicals

Each workplace should aim to be safe and healthy for everyone, including employees, clients, and employers. When it comes to working with chemicals, there are a lot of risks involved. Businesses [...]

Face Masks: Which Offer the Best COVID-19 Protection?

Before 2019 ended, a novel coronavirus spread in China. Since then, it has emerged in different countries, affecting the whole world. Millions of people are affected, businesses have to shut [...]

Essential Guide: Safety and Protective Gear

Safety precautions through personal protective equipment (PPE) are required in the workplace to prevent injuries. While it is true that accidents can happen anytime and anywhere, some work [...]

Guide: Finding the Right Respiratory Equipment for Your Work

Respiratory protective equipment or RPE is a form of personal protective equipment (PPE). It is required in workplaces where there is a high risk of airborne contamination. There are three [...]

Statement Regarding the Impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The Safety of Our Customers and Employees is Top Priority In the response to the elevated risks of the coronavirus (COVID-19), The Workers Shop is monitoring the situation and following all [...]

The Must-Have Workwear Accessories

They say your work clothes represent who you are as a professional, but what about accessories? Just like with clothing, accessories, such as jewellery and bags, allow you to express yourself. [...]

Women’s Workwear: Dress in Safety and Style

Dressing for work does not mean you have to spend a fortune. The key is to make sure you are comfortable and confident. But it is easier said than done, especially for women. Finding the balance [...]

Guide to Finding the Right Work Pants

In an active workplace, you can be on your feet most of the time, working outdoors, or in a messy site. The right clothing will not only keep you comfortable but also protect you when needed. It [...]

Embroidery vs Digital Printing: Which is the Right Choice for You?

When it comes to adding logos to professional apparel and clothing, two of the main options today are embroidery and digital printing. Both have their uses, and one may be more beneficial for [...]

Work Boot Buyer’s Guide

Find The Right Work Boots If you need to put on a pair of work boots before you head to work, you should choose the best option out there. Being on your feet all day means that you need the right [...]

Staying Safe With High-Vis

High-visibility Clothing Will Save Your Life There is no doubt about it. Poor visibility has causes significant problems. Accidents happen, especially in relation to road safety, because a driver [...]

Specialty Workwear and Material Types

You Need to be Both Comfortable and Safe at Work We are all familiar with the old saying, ‘clothes make the man.’ However, here at The Workers Shop, we prefer saying ‘clothes make the workman (or [...]

WA Legislation – Your workers – Your PPE Responsibility

Protective Workwear Is The Last Line Of Defence Regardless of the industry you specialise in; whether you are a welder, locksmith, plant hire company, mechanic or electrician you have certain [...]

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