Redback is a producer of lightweight boots designed to support the tireless hard work of people who are members of a multitude of industries. These areas of work require safe, comfortable footwear and the Redback brand provides boots with premium materials and designs.

Redback is proud to represent workers in a wide variety of industries. Service workers, auto technicians, construction workers, manufacturing workers, farmers, first responders, electricians, and more can all find the right type of work boot for their needs at Redback. Redback boots, made in Australia from full-grain leather, are built to match the toughness of the people who wear them proudly.

Because Redback work boots are inspired by the indomitable spirit of hardworking Australians, they are designed for safety, comfort, and durability. You should choose Redback boots for great footwear meant to be worn all-day without noticeable wear or discomfort. Redback work boots are also slip-resistant, with moulded soles and three-layer counter design heels.

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