Hospitality Workwear Essentials: What You Need

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The hospitality industry needs comfortable, stylish and reliable workwear, and there’s no doubt that hospitality uniforms are some of the most versatile for Australian service workers.

From chefs and cooks to waitresses/waiters, bartenders, hotel staff and catering staff, everyone needs essential items for the workplace that can withstand long shifts and demanding tasks.

Here’s a quick list of must-haves for hospitality professionals:



The food industry is much more than just cooking and serving delicious meals; it also requires excellent standards of cleanliness and hygiene to be maintained. An appropriate apron is an easy way to protect clothing from spills and stains, as well as preventing cross-contamination of food and bacteria.

Wearing one is essential for anyone working in the food industry to ensure their safety and customers’ safety.

We recommend: The Fashion Biz Urban Bib Apron will meet your kitchen and hospitality needs. It’s made from a sturdy fabric that can handle tough tasks and wear, and the self-fabric x-back straps make for an adjustable fit and supreme comfort. On top of that, you’ll love the divided pocket for convenience and the antique brass detailing for a chic, street-style look.


Chef’s Hat

The chef’s hat serves multiple practical functions. It stops hair from falling into the food and helps maintain a clean and hygienic environment by preventing sweat and other contaminants from entering the food. Its height also allows for air circulation that keeps the head cool. All these aspects are essential in a kitchen with a hot environment.


Non-slip Shoes

Workers in the hospitality industry are usually required to wear non-slip shoes as they provide slip-resistant protection against risks such as spills and wet surfaces that can lead to accidents and injuries from slips, trips, and falls. Wearing non-slip shoes also offers comfort and support, which helps to reduce fatigue and promotes overall safety and productivity. Taking the time to ensure you and your team have the proper footwear can do wonders in promoting safety within the workplace.

We recommend: Oliver Lace Up Safety Boot – These boots are perfect for work and offer both durability and comfort with their water-resistant full-grain leather and padded collar and tongue. They are also resistant to oils, acids, and electrical hazards, making them durable in any work environment.


Work Pants

When looking for work pants for hospitality employees, comfort and durability should be your top priority. We suggest you go for a pair of practical, loose-fitting pants that keep you and your staff agile and comfortable in those busy kitchens or environments. Trust us, with the right pair of hospitality pants, you’ll stay cool and dry all day long!

We recommend: Fashion Biz Womens Dash Chef Pant – Designed specifically for women’s bodies, these modern and comfortable pants feature a pull-on style and wide elasticated waistband, ensuring easy movement and a looser fit.


Chef Jackets

The importance of making a professional impression cannot be understated, and the chef jacket helps to provide a level of assurance and trust between the kitchen staff and the customers. The jacket is designed to protect against hot liquids and spills, avoiding any potential burns and injuries. The fabric of a chef’s jacket is typically lightweight and breathable, which helps to stay cool and comfortable while working under hot and rapid conditions.

We recommend: Fashion Biz Al Dente Chef Jacket for Men or Fashion Biz Al Dente Chef Jacket for Women – This jacket is perfect for the kitchen, with three professional colour options and a range of sizes to choose from. It’s made from a breathable blend of cotton twill and polyester, has full-length sleeves and turn-back cuffs for added convenience and has a classy double-breasted design and Mandarin collar. You’ll look sharp and professional in any kitchen setting with this jacket.



When selecting work apparel, bartenders, waitresses/waiters, or catering staff should keep comfort, wrinkle-free, and breathability in mind. A classic button-down design with a collar is a popular choice among many hospitality businesses, as it can be dressed up if desired.

We recommend: Bisley Long Sleeve Oxford Shirt for Men – A lightweight shirt made from a breathable blend of polyester and cotton oxford, making it ideal for corporate and hospitality roles. Benchmark Women Long Sleeve Stretch Shirt – This smart, classic collar shirt comes in black or white and has a range of sizes. It fits comfortably due to the side darts and streamlined fit. With a single-cuff design, it is ideal for various roles, from restaurant work to casual outings.

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What’s the Importance of Uniforms in Hospitality?

When it comes to the hospitality industry, uniforms are imperative. Not only do they present a professional, uniform look, but they also promote health and safety standards. By providing protection from spills, uniforms help to prevent cross-contamination and ensure cleanliness and safety in the food preparation and service process.


What PPE is Used in Hospitality?

When it comes to hospitality, there’s a lot of PPE you might need: aprons, gloves, hairnets, safety glasses or goggles, slip-resistant shoes, face masks or respirators. Depending on the job, you might need even more stuff like earplugs, hard hats, and chemical-resistant clothing. It’s important to use PPE to prevent injuries and illnesses and make sure everyone’s safe.


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