Hospitality Workwear Guide – Find the Right Uniform for Your Job

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Your gear is a statement that tells people what your brand is about. It’s always crucial to have apparel that keeps you and your staff looking and feeling great. Whether you want to stick to the classics or start your own trend, there’s always something out there for you.

The hospitality industry comprises restaurants, hotels, cruise ships, amusement parks, and others, especially those providing tourism-related services. When determining what would make a good uniform, you cannot choose based on appearance alone. You should also consider the comfort of those wearing the garment, your customers, and your sector. If you’re running a hotel, your staff cannot wear the same uniform as those in restaurants.


Choosing the Best Hospitality Workwear

This workwear guide aims to help you find the right uniform for your staff in the hospitality industry:

  • Hotel WorkwearThere are plenty of roles in hotels and all of which require appropriate uniforms. From the chambermaids to receptionists to other hotel staff, everyone should be dressed according to their job. That way, customers can easily recognise them and know what their functions are. For example, your front desk staff is arguably the face of the hotel. Therefore, the employees working at the front desk should embody your brand and its standards. Suits, blazers, suit vests and suit pants are common for men, while ladies can wear A-line skirts, pants, and suit coats.

    If you have not made up your mind about hotel workwear, particularly for your female staff, you can find a few high-quality options from our collection of women’s hospitality clothing.

  • Restaurant WorkwearIn your restaurant, you employ cooks and chefs. You also have kitchen helpers and cleaners to ensure that the entire place is sanitary. Of course, your restaurant has servers, front desk staff, and concierge, as well. Being in the food industry, it is crucial to keep your team looking clean and presentable.

    Here are some elements in restaurant workwear to know about:

    • Headwear: Hats for cooks and chefs are typically more about status and identity rather than functionality and even comfort. The chef’s hat has had some changes to tweak its design in compliance with food hygiene standards. The cap should be breathable with anti-slip features, such as an elastic strap.
    • Jacket: A chef’s long-sleeved jacket can look uncomfortable, mainly because the kitchen usually has a high temperature. But with the right fabric, your chef remains cool and confident. Cotton is breathable, so look for a jacket that uses it, along with durable material, such as polyester. This chef jacket is available in three colour choices with a Mandarin collar and ten buttons.
    • Apron: You have a few options when it comes to aprons, and your final decision often depends on the position of the worker. For the front of the house servers, waiters, and waitresses, you usually need waist aprons. They don’t have upper-body coverage, allowing the workers to walk around more comfortably. Longer waist aprons work the same way as shorter ones, but they offer more coverage for the pants. Bib aprons are ideal for kitchen staff, although some servers use them, as well. They provide space for wiping hands and protection from spills.
    • Pants: High-quality pants can prevent contaminants from harming the food served to the customers. The right pants help with movement, so they should be breathable with at least 35% cotton. The pants should be durable, tear-resistant, and lightweight.

You may not think of shoes as part of your staff’s uniform, but they are as crucial as the rest of the workwear elements above. Most of your team members are constantly moving around, so the safety of people on their feet should be non-negotiable. Tell them to pick shoes that are the perfect fit and with anti-slip features.

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Tips for Choosing Hospitality Workwear

The hospitality industry is among the industries in Australia that continue to grow. It’s why every business tries to reach out to their customers by ensuring they stand out from the crowd. One way to guarantee your win is to have suitable uniforms for your workers.

Here are some tips that can help make your search easier:

  • Determine who your customers are.Are you located in the city centre and run a company that mostly caters to influential and wealthy people? Are your target customers young individuals who frequent resorts and beaches? When you know who your customers are, it becomes less complicated to pick staff workwear. Luxury businesses, for instance, often have their staff wearing three-piece suits. Quality fabrics and good colour palettes are essential to reflect the brand without looking too “loud” to the audience.
  • Consider the roles.You already know that your employees have different responsibilities, which means you cannot dress them all the same way. When a staff member performs demanding jobs, they should wear something comfortable, which allows them to do what they intend to do without feeling restricted.

    Some of your staff may interact with customers, such as receptionists. They should look more professional in their uniform compared to those with behind-the-scenes roles. However, it does not mean that they can wear anything they want. Remember that whatever your staff wears reflects your business. That includes people who do not directly communicate with customers.

  • Examine your options.The fabric should be durable, even if the staff members do not need to move a lot. The style and colours should look professional, but it does not mean you should limit your choice to traditional uniforms. You can always opt for more vibrant colours, for instance. This fitted shirt made for the hospitality industry comes in different colours, including red, navy, orange, and purple.

Here at The Workers Shop, you can find something that represents your brand. From shirts to jackets to aprons — you name it, we have it. Pick the most suitable workwear for your industry and go for the ones that match your taste, style, and budget.

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