Summer Workwear Essentials for Men and Women

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Summer is here, which means people are looking for ways to survive sweltering days whilst wearing work-appropriate clothing. Manual jobs are even more demanding than usual as the temperatures creep higher. The goal is to not just look stylish but also stay healthy and comfy whilst performing work duties.

We hear you. Here are our tips for tradie workwear essentials and accessories for men and women this summer:


Tops for Men and Women

Natural fabrics are crucial to staying comfortable throughout the workday. They provide breathability, which helps prevent overheating. Air also travels effortlessly through the fabric, so you don’t stink to high heaven. Breathable materials include bamboo and cotton, which both have moisture-wicking properties.

Here are some prime examples:

For your hi-vis polo and t-shirt needs, you can find what you are looking for here.

What about those who require special clothing, such as fire-retardant workwear? If you work in the mining, utility, welding, or construction industries, you most likely wear FR clothing regularly. Unfortunately, this type of workwear can contribute to higher body temperature, which may lead to heat stroke or heat exhaustion.

Shop for good quality fire retardant clothing, which you can find here at The Workers Shop. Your comfort is important to us. That’s why we give you options that ensure comfort and proper fit so the clothing will not cling to your skin or limit your movement.

This Bisley shirt has underarm and back panel ventilation with three openings. Another great option is the WorkIt fire retardant workwear with two ventilated mesh back pleats, complemented by an underarm mesh, for a more productive day at work.



Bottoms for Men and Women

Working under gruelling temperatures requires breathable, durable, and easy-to-move-in bottoms. When looking for workwear pants, choose a pair with the following characteristics:

  • Ventilation, so the fabric material is vital here
  • Flexibility to ensure productivity without worrying about constricting clothing
  • Wicking power so sweat or moisture is pulled away from your body, helping you stay air-dry
  • Durability, letting you move around without ripping
  • Stylish, so you wear the bottoms confidently

Some workplaces welcome the use of shorts. If you can wear cargo shorts, they are the ultimate choice for summer workwear. The 5.11 Stryke Cargo Shorts are popular for hardworking tradies like you. With enhanced comfort, durability, and extra pockets for upped tactical and functional use, you truly can’t ask for more.

Bisley offers plenty of options, including the 4-Way Stretch Cargo Shorts and the Lightweight Vented Shorts. Bisley also has similar shorts for women. They have a modern look, so that’s a huge plus in the stylish department. When it comes to fit, you won’t ever worry, thanks to the shaped waistband that will not create gaps at the back. The open mesh ventilation will ensure you stay cool even under the sun. All you need is sunscreen.

Find more workwear shorts at our shop.



Stay Hydrated

Aside from what you’re wearing, there’s one other thing that you shouldn’t neglect during the hot summer days. We’re talking about water. Drink more water to stay hydrated and healthy, even when busy.

Some people say you should avoid cold water due to a variety of reasons. The most prominent is that the body overheats when trying to absorb cold water, a claim backed by a small 1978 study. A newer 2012 study, however, completely debunks the outdated research, stating the opposite. The cold water helps keep the body at a lower core temperature, therefore, preventing overheating.

But whether you drink cold water or not, the more important requirement is to stay hydrated. Take a 3L hydration backpack to work to ensure you get enough water throughout the day. Check out the smaller 2.5L CamelBak hydration backpack, complete with reflective strips and a valve cover to ensure you drink clean water. The backpacks come with closed-cell insulation, which keeps water cool for an extended period.

If you’re not a fan of water’s bland taste, try the Sqwincher Sticks. Each stick gives you a 600mL drink that’s sugar and caffeine-free, low sugar, and zero calories.

Sqwincher Sticks Assorted Flavours Bag Of 50 SQ0104


Other Essentials

Let’s not forget your headgear. Your protection from the damaging sun rays is not complete if you don’t wear a hat, even if you are in long sleeves and pants. Cover your head and protect your face from the sun with a cap that offers UPF 50+. For increased comfort, choose headwear made of cotton and mesh to help keep your head from sweating too much.

We recommend the following products for your head protection:

  • UVeto Kalahari Hat with micro mesh and cotton options, along with an adjustable head strap and a releasable back panel for ventilation
  • UVeto Tammin Hat with UPF 50+ sun protection, microfibre fabric, and long neck flap for ear and back of the neck protection
  • Winning Spirit Surf Brim Hat for simple yet effective protection against sun damage, thanks to its UPF 50+ rating


Can’t find what you are looking for? We have more hat options for you! Check out our collection of hats, perfect for the summer here.

If you wear socks, don’t forget to shop for them here. Once again, it would be best to search for socks that offer breathability and moisture-wicking capabilities. And whilst you may not be walking around with just your socks, you still have to ensure the pair you’re wearing is durable. The last thing you want is a torn sock that can impede your work performance.

Finally, wear the right work boots. We have a vast line-up of footwear from several reputable brands, such as Steel Blue, Bison, Blundstone, and Hard Yakka, perfect for male and female tradies who are always on their feet.

Be ready to work under the blazing sun. Find your summer workwear essentials at The Workers Shop today!

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    Steel Blue ArgyleFire Resistant clothing can substantially reduce your risk of getting burned while on the job.