Composite Toe vs Steel Toe Boots

Choose composite toe boots for comfort and insulation in less hazardous environments, and steel toe boots for maximum protection and durability in heavy-duty settings. Our experts have helped [...]

Complete Guide to Composite Toe Safety Boots in Australia

Workplace injuries are unfortuantely common in Australia. Although on a decline since 2008, injuries and fatalities still happen, leading to over 120,000 serious claims from 2019-2020. According [...]

Guide: Everything You Need to Know About Hard Hats

All workplaces are required to ensure the safety of their employees from possible head and bodily injuries. When you work on an industrial or construction site, you should always protect your [...]

Why is First Aid So Important? A Guide

Understanding first aid gives you the advantage of helping those in need. At any moment, you or someone else could get ill or experience an injury. With basic first aid knowledge, you can prevent [...]

PPE Responsibility in 2022

Almost two years have passed since COVID affected millions and millions of lives worldwide. One issue that we still face, aside from the pandemic itself, involves general practices for the [...]

Healthy Eating Tips for FIFO Workers

Eating healthy is always ideal but difficult to do, especially as a Fly In Fly Out (FIFO) worker. One would think that it’s easy to stay fit in industries like mining, construction, and [...]

Best Tips to Keep Workers Sun-Safe This Summer

Construction workers, fishers, postal workers, gardeners, and farmers: what do they have in common? They all work under the sun, which makes it crucial for them to stay protected from sun [...]

The Importance of Skin Protection in Any Workplace Environment

Being a hard worker does not mean you have to neglect skincare and protection. No matter what industry you’re in, your skin is important. It’s the biggest barrier that protects your [...]

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