How to Wash Safety and Hi-Vis Workwear Properly

If you wear safety gear or hi-visibility workwear, you most likely understand that rips, tears, dirt, and stubborn stains are to be expected. You dress in these types of clothing to protect [...]

Benefits of Printed Workwear for Your Business

Some businesses, especially start-ups, don’t require their employees to wear a uniform. It could be due to a lax work environment or to inspire freedom of expression. While it does have [...]

Guide to High Visibility Clothing

If you work in an industry that poses a high risk to your physical safety, you most likely require high visibility clothing. The type of hi-vis safety apparel you need will depend on a few [...]

How Often Should You Replace Your Work Boots?

Speciality work boots are essential for people working in a hazardous environment. They are specially designed to keep feet comfortable, which is vital for jobs that require standing and walking [...]

Tax Deductible Workwear Guide

Do you wear a suit on a normal working day? Perhaps you’re like other people wearing a uniform with your company’s logo. Many businesses have a dress code, which is one thing that you [...]

Waterproof and Winter Workwear Guide: How to Stay Productive in Cold Weather

The right workwear is a worthwhile investment. It’s the key to a productive workplace where everyone feels comfortable with what they wear. Choosing the correct workwear often increases [...]

Things to Consider When Choosing Corporate Workwear

Corporate workwear is defined as clothing that workers or employees wear for work on a regular basis. In other words, it is the actual uniform that the company has specified. Sometimes, it can [...]

Uniforms: How to Buy the Right Clothes and Equipment for the Job

Appearances matter – whether we like it or not – especially in clothing when one is in the corporate world. Uniforms, most importantly, are a representation of the company and the place of work. [...]

Find the Right Bag for Your Work & Tools

Every worker needs a bag, but which type of bag do you need? Should it be a big, bulky backpack or would a small, handy tool bag be more useful for you? This blog post will help you figure out [...]

The Must-Have Workwear Accessories

They say your work clothes represent who you are as a professional, but what about accessories? Just like with clothing, accessories, such as jewellery and bags, allow you to express yourself. [...]

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