How Often Should You Replace Your Work Boots?

Speciality work boots are essential for people working in a hazardous environment. They are specially designed to keep feet comfortable, which is vital for jobs that require standing and walking [...]

Tax Deductible Workwear Guide

Do you wear a suit on a normal working day? Perhaps you’re like other people wearing a uniform with your company’s logo. Many businesses have a dress code, which is one thing that you [...]

Waterproof and Winter Workwear Guide: How to Stay Productive in Cold Weather

The right workwear is a worthwhile investment. It’s the key to a productive workplace where everyone feels comfortable with what they wear. Choosing the correct workwear often increases [...]

Things to Consider When Choosing Corporate Workwear

Corporate workwear is defined as clothing that workers or employees wear for work on a regular basis. In other words, it is the actual uniform that the company has specified. Sometimes, it can [...]

Uniforms: How to Buy the Right Clothes and Equipment for the Job

Appearances matter – whether we like it or not – especially in clothing when one is in the corporate world. Uniforms, most importantly, are a representation of the company and the place of work. [...]

Find the Right Bag for Your Work & Tools

Every worker needs a bag, but which type of bag do you need? Should it be a big, bulky backpack or would a small, handy tool bag be more useful for you? This blog post will help you figure out [...]

The Must-Have Workwear Accessories

They say your work clothes represent who you are as a professional, but what about accessories? Just like with clothing, accessories, such as jewellery and bags, allow you to express yourself. [...]

Women’s Workwear: Dress in Safety and Style

Dressing for work does not mean you have to spend a fortune. The key is to make sure you are comfortable and confident. But it is easier said than done, especially for women. Finding the balance [...]

Guide to Finding the Right Work Pants

In an active workplace, you can be on your feet most of the time, working outdoors, or in a messy site. The right clothing will not only keep you comfortable but also protect you when needed. It [...]

Embroidery vs Digital Printing: Which is the Right Choice for You?

When it comes to adding logos to professional apparel and clothing, two of the main options today are embroidery and digital printing. Both have their uses, and one may be more beneficial for [...]

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