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Often, when it comes to safety and comfort, little things with great importance get overlooked. This is why The Workers Shop maintains a large selection of accessories including headwear, sunscreen, first-aid kits, socks, support garments, bags and backpacks to help you through your day.

Our Workwear Accessories Styles

We stock a huge range of hi vis workwear from leading Australian and international brands including Bisley, Workit, KingGee, Hard Yakka, JB’s Wear and many more. Shop now for fast shipping Australia-wide on all hi-vis work clothes.


Bags are essential accessories that every worker should have. There are different types of bags that are available, including backpacks, tool bags, duffle bags, and many others.


Many people may not think about it, but a belt can make or break your outfit. The wrong belt can create an “off” look. Any fashionable gentleman should have a belt in his wardrobe.


Just like with other articles of clothing, you should find the right fit when it comes to your underwear. It is one of the most critical pieces, especially considering your comfort throughout the day.


Buying a torch does not have to be complicated. You just need to start by determining your requirements. Where will you mostly use the tool? Would a heavy flashlight hinder you from doing your job?

Face Socks

When you are always under the sun, you should protect yourself at all times. Many people remember to put on a hat or even wear sunglasses. However, they forget that these items are not enough to protect the entire face, which is where face socks become extremely useful.


Wouldn’t it be convenient to carry all the tools you need at once? With the multi-tools that you can buy here at The Workers Shop, you can cut, open, twist, tighten, or solve any task that crops up.

Water & Coffee Bottles

It is time to ditch plastics and one-time-use water bottles. You can have a water vessel that doubles as your container for coffee as well. Keep your drinks hot after several hours with a nice-looking bottle.

Top Brands

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Does Our Hi-vis Workwear Comply With Australian Standards?

In certain occupations, hi-vis clothing is required by law in Australia. These include:

  • STANDARD AS/NZ 1906.4: 2010 – Reflective and reflective materials worn day or night.
  • Materials for Safety Garments Worn in Traffic Control makes a distinction between required fluorescent garments (Class F worn during daylight hours) required reflective materials (Class R for dark situations and at night) and Class RF a combination of fluorescent and reflective materials.
  • STANDARD AS/NZ 4602.1: 2011 – Design Requirements for Clothing Worn in High-Risk Workplaces differentiates between types of Hi-Vis workwear based on the time of day one wears the garment. A Class D garment for daylight hours, a Class N for night time, and Class DN for any time wear.


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