Respirators & Masks

Whether you need a respirator or mask, you can find it here at The Workers Shop. Before you buy, you should know first which one you truly require for work.

For several years now, many workplaces have implemented PPE rules for protecting the health of the employees. If the job site exposes workers to certain chemicals, everyone is required to wear proper masks. In most cases, respirators should be used. They are a device that keeps a person from inhaling dangerous particles, including infectious ones.

Meanwhile, face masks are disposable devices. They are loose-fitting and can create a barrier between the wearer and contaminants. The masks cover the nose and mouth.

Masks are used to prevent contamination, which can occur due to the spread of spit and mucous. Meanwhile, respirators give a tight seal so that vapours and gases cannot enter the wearer’s lungs.

The Workers Shop offers different masks and respirators categorised as P1, P2, and P3.

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