Polos & T-Shirts

Polos and t-shirts are less formal than a dress shirt. However, it does not mean you cannot wear them in corporate functions. The key is to find the perfect size, meaning it is not too loose or too fit. While wearing a colourful shirt can update the look of your pants, it may not go well in an office setting. Therefore, you may want to stick to traditional colours, which are white, navy, and black.

Polos can have long or short sleeves. The long-sleeved option is convenient in most situations because it is acceptable even in business meetings. Just put on a blazer, and you instantly look like a boss. However, if you are more comfortable with a short-sleeved polo, you can still wear one while exuding class.

Polos look incredibly timeless, and they combine well with jeans, particularly in informal gatherings. The right polo shirt though can be worn with suit pants. Add a jacket, and you can have a modern twist to a corporate look.

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