Wouldn’t it be convenient to carry all the tools you need at once? With the multi-tools that you can buy here at The Workers Shop, you can cut, open, twist, tighten, or solve any task that crops up.

If you often encounter unexpected repairs, you can benefit from having multi-tools in your bag or pocket. Perhaps you simply like being prepared at all times. These handy tools have come a long way since the time they were first introduced. From being just a Swiss army knife to having more than 10 tools in one, they can indeed help you save the day.

When you feel the need to take your toolbox with you, but it is impractical, a multi-tool is the best solution. It is designed to replace that cumbersome chest so that you can have pliers, wire cutters, blades, scissors, and more right in your pocket.

Check out our selection of multi-tools below.

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