Laces & Innersoles for Work Boots

When it is time to replace your work boot laces and footbeds, we are glad that you have found us. We offer the best collection of laces and insoles that suit your industrial and professional boots.

Laces are extremely important, especially for those who need their boots to stay in place while worn. Construction workers and those who deal with physical labour will find lace-up boots useful. If you are not happy with your laces anymore, it is time to replace them.

We advise you to measure your old laces first and then pick the type of lace you need for your shoe. You can also choose the lace length by counting the number of eyelet pairs your boots have. Often, work boots come with six to seven eyelet pairs. Your lace should be around 138 centimetres for the best fit.

For insoles or footbeds, you want to pick the right one for your work boots. The insoles are crucial because they absorb shock and provide extra cushioning for your feet. Select insoles that are thick yet comfortable so you can wear them without feeling that your feet are getting suffocated.

You will find durable laces and insoles on our site. Browse our products to make sure that your boots remain functional with the right accessories designed for the hardworking people of Australia.

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