Back Safety

Many workers protect their faces, hands, legs, and ears, but they forget about their backs. As you grow older, your back will not be as strong as it is now. Unfortunately, when injured, you cannot regrow it. Therefore, you have to take care of it while you still can.

Back support devices, also known as back braces, belts, or lumbar supports, are incredibly important, especially for construction workers. Before you suffer from any discomfort, which can range from mild to moderate, you should take appropriate steps to prevent it. Otherwise, you can end up with a debilitating pain that can stop you from working permanently.

Originally, these belts were used for rehabilitation therapies. Today, many athletes and ordinary people utilise them to support their back, particularly during weightlifting exercises.

Back belts are not considered PPE; however, they are essential in reducing back injuries and improve the safety of this part of the body. Choose the right belt by ensuring it fits you perfectly.

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