Hi-Vis Shirts

The Workers Shop offers a wide range of choices of high-visibility shirts for women. Everyone in the workplace deserves to feel safe and secure. Wearing high-vis clothing can provide such a feeling for most employees.
When you know that you have donned the right type of garment for work, you also feel confident.
Hi-vis shirts are designed to enhance other people’s visibility when the workers are in a high-risk area. As for the wearer, the clothing helps keep them safe while comfortable. The shirts come with reflective tapes and fluorescent colours. Choose from neon pink, yellow, orange, or light blue.

All the shirts comply with the appropriate Australian/New Zealand standards. Such an attribute assures the wearer that they also abide by the rules of their workplace.

If you are looking for pants that will go well with these high-visibility shirts, we recommend that you check out these selections.

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