Hospitality Jackets

When there is a dress code to follow, it does not mean it should compromise your style. You can still look dashing and feel comfortable all day while in your workwear. Jackets may or may not be a regular part of your uniform. In some sectors in the hospitality industry, however, they are a must. For instance, as a chef, you have to don one.

One common misconception about jackets for chefs is that they all come in white. It is not true because you can have them in black or even black and white combinations. If you ask anyone to envisage a chef though, they will most likely think of the professional wearing the famous white jacket, along with their toque or hat.

For centuries, white has been the preferred colour mainly for hygiene reasons. Kitchen employees can quickly see if their clothing is soiled. However, black can also be a great option, especially for practicality.

Whether you want to wear black or white, The Workers Shop has the chef jacket for you.

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