Hi Vis Fire Retardant

When you work in the fire department, your clothing should keep you protected from accidents. At the same time, it should help increase your safety. You can achieve a high level of protection with hi-vis clothing. Add the fire retardant feature of the garment, so you have less to worry about even in a hazardous work environment.

When you need to keep yourself safe from fire and be seen by other people, you need fire retardant hi-vis clothing.
From pants to shirts to overalls, we have everything you need here at The Workers Shop. We carry the best brands that focus on work apparel, including Bisley and WorkIt. Our hi-vis options come in bright yellow and orange colours for maximum visibility. Most of the clothes feature reflective tape.

Our selections are excellent for different weather conditions. It does not matter if you work under the sun or even when it is chilly. The hi-vis overalls and other products are guaranteed to meet Australian standards.

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