Workwear Vests

Quick to put on and to take off, vests are a great solution for keeping your core warm in chilly weather when layering.

Choose from both quilted and hooded types. In warm weather, a lightweight vest can be chosen as a cool solution for high visibility clothing.

For those whose occupations require a high visibility product, such as in construction or emergency work, you will find multiple fluorescents and taped types – both day and night visibility vests are available.

Vests are more than a fashion statement. They are a practical piece of clothing, especially for workers who need to use their arms for certain tasks freely. Vests can help make you feel warmer without restricting your movement.

A vest may not work as hard as a jacket to help you conquer the cold, but it does make you feel comfortable. When you work outdoors, a jacket may make more sense, especially when it is cold. But if you live in an area where adding just another layer of clothing is enough, you will find vests more useful.

While there are several types and styles of vests, we have two main ones here on The Workers Shop. Our vests can either be in a solid colour or high-visibility with fluorescent hues.

If you need jackets or jumpers, however, feel free to check out our list of products from these categories instead.

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