Required eye protection is a must in many industries. Protects from exposure to dust, chemicals, and flying debris. Designs include models that protect from glare or fogging and models that provide unrestricted side vision.

SafeWork Australia defines safety glasses or goggles as part of personal protective equipment (PPE). If you are in an industry where there are potential dangers to your health and safety, you need PPE. Companies mostly require their workers to wear glasses when working with chemicals. If splashes of chemicals and other substances are frequent in your workplace, you need glasses.

Other workers who may need glasses are welders, construction workers, and scientists. The eyes are essential, and you can only have a pair once in your life. You do not want to lose your sense of sight because you did not wear proper PPE.

Here at The Workers Shop, we have a vast collection of glasses. They effectively shield your eyes from outside forces that can harm them. Even motorists need glasses to ensure that debris and tiny particles do not get in their eyes while on the road.

Choose from polarised glasses, safety smoke glasses, and other types. Check our collection below.

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