Polos & T-Shirts

Out of all the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) requirements, high-visibility (hi-vis) clothing is one of the most important. Wearing hi-vis polos and T-shirts will allow you to be easily seen in your work environment. Therefore, it reduces the risk of injury and accidents.

Hi-vis polos and shirts are great for everyone, including those in traffic control, construction, and airports. Those who collect waste can also benefit from them, which is why it is not surprising that employers require such type of PPE.

High-visibility polo shirts for work come in reflective colours. Some use fluorescent colours, so the wearers can quickly be spotted, whether under the sun or at night.

Choose from our list of hi-vis polos and T-shirts, which a more formal option than plain shirts. We carry the top brands, including JBS and Kinggee, with reflective tapes on the chest and arms.

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