Body Protection

Here at The Workers Shop, we have all kinds of body protection PPE, including electrical first aid kit. It is ideal for those working in high-risk environments involving electricity. The package is conveniently portable and comes with a comprehensive range of treatment for burns and electric shocks.

You may also need a motorist first aid kit, which is a handy tool that you can fit into your glove box or under the seat. It comes with plastic adhesive strips, disposable gloves, conforming bandages, and antiseptic alcohol swab, among others.

Aside from first aid kits, wearing sunscreen is also a way of protecting your body with up to four hours of water resistance.

If you work in a dusty environment or those that are surrounded by certain irritants like gravel and insects, you may also want to cover your boot. We have boot covers that come in one size but fit most shoes.

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