Hi Vis Workwear Jackets

Ensure you’ll be protected and seen no matter the weather or conditions. Select from a variety of materials, styles and colours with industry compliant, reflective hi-visibility taping. Lighter or heavy-weight materials available for protection, whatever the season.
High-visibility jackets are often considered a part of employee protective equipment. The high luminescence of the garment provides added protection to the wearer. With hi-vis clothing, such as jackets, employees can easily be seen on busy roads and workplaces.

The Australian/New Zealand Standard 4602.1:2011 gives guidelines for safety garments, including high-vis jackets for workers.

Here at The Workers Shop, we have hi-vis jackets in a broad range of styles, including quilted, cotton, and rain jackets. They mainly come in two different colours, namely yellow and orange. According to experts, the eyes are most sensitive to these two hues. Plus, these pieces of clothing come with high-visibility tapes, which increase the chances of being noticed.

Protect yourself from potential hazards. Use hi-vis jackets. If you are a business owner, we recommend that you make sure your workers are safe. One way to achieve it is to enforce wearing high-visibility jackets in the workplace.

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