Hospitality Aprons

There are different types of bibs, and you should choose the one that is right for your job. Aprons may look simple at first glance, but they are essential to anyone working in the kitchen. They keep your clothing from getting soiled and even offers added protection, thanks to the barrier they create between you and food.

The apron you should choose should be made of durable material. After all, you will use it daily, so it should withstand heat and unending torture. It should be comfortable as well, allowing you to move effortlessly.

Aprons can be long, full, or half. Those who work in less busy kitchens, including those at home opt for a half apron. It runs from the waist to above the knee. Long waist aprons are those that go from the waist to below the knee. Restaurants often require their staff to wear either a short or long waist apron.

Meanwhile, full or bib aprons are those worn around the neck, which would cover the chest. They are used in busy kitchens where there is always a risk of stains and splatters.

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