Need garments that can stand up to the demand for comfort, ease of care, and the environment of the restaurant, healthcare and service industries? Our range of hospitality workwear has you covered.

Safety in the hospitality industry matters to us here at The Workers Shop. The hospitality industry is part of a work safety initiative and is a priority industry in the Australian Work Health and Safety Strategy 2012–2022. As such, you can select from a large range of shirts, polos, pants and jackets, and job-specific offerings such as hats or headwear.

To brand our workwear products with your company name and logo, contact our knowledgeable staff to enquire about our printing and embroidery services.

Our Hospitality Workwear Styles

Hospitality Pants

Working at the hospitality industry requires you to be presentable at all times. While shirts are often the first things your customers see, you should not forget the pants your staff members wear.

Hospitality Aprons

There are different types of bibs, and you should choose the one that is right for your job. Aprons may look simple at first glance, but they are essential to anyone working in the kitchen.

Hospitality Hats

The hospitality industry covers a broad range of services, including restaurants, event planning, accommodation, and transportation. In such a demanding job, you may be required to wear a hat, although you may not work outdoors.

Hospitality Jackets

When there is a dress code to follow, it does not mean it should compromise your style. You can still look dashing and feel comfortable all day while in your workwear.

Health Care

When you are in the health care industry, you are expected to look clean and professional. Appearance is a huge factor, especially since patients want someone who they think they can trust.

Hospitality Shirts

Hotel and hospitality uniforms should always be presentable. After all, you will most likely greet customers. Therefore, you should look your best, which you can start by wearing a flattering yet professional shirt.

Hospitality Polos & T-Shirts

Sometimes, you want to look like a real professional but still casual. Polos are the answer in giving you the flexibility of going from a certified businessman to a cool gentleman. Nevertheless, the style is always there.

Womens Hospitality Clothing

Polos are mostly known for casual occasions. However, the modern workplace accepts long-sleeved and even short-sleeved polos at work. Polos are usually worn with jeans and even shorts.

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Does Our Hi-vis Workwear Comply With Australian Standards?

In certain occupations, hi-vis clothing is required by law in Australia. These include:

  • STANDARD AS/NZ 1906.4: 2010 – Reflective and reflective materials worn day or night.
  • Materials for Safety Garments Worn in Traffic Control makes a distinction between required fluorescent garments (Class F worn during daylight hours) required reflective materials (Class R for dark situations and at night) and Class RF a combination of fluorescent and reflective materials.
  • STANDARD AS/NZ 4602.1: 2011 – Design Requirements for Clothing Worn in High-Risk Workplaces differentiates between types of Hi-Vis workwear based on the time of day one wears the garment. A Class D garment for daylight hours, a Class N for night time, and Class DN for any time wear.


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