DNC Workwear has been providing workwear for the Australian labour force since 1996. The brand guarantees the durability of its products. That’s why it uses the Australian crocodile as its icon – a symbol of strength and sturdiness in the wild. DNC wants to be recognised for its resilience even when the wearer faces harsh weather conditions.

To achieve superior quality in workwear, DNC ensures that all products meet AS/NZS standards through a rigid quality control system. All DNC items also comply with the highest INTELS requirements. It begins with the materials used before and during production. New and innovative fabrics are utilised with supporting research to make sure the materials and final products can withstand the challenges at every worksite.

DNC caters to several hard-working professionals in the country. Workwear selections are designed for individuals working in restaurants, hotels, electricians, construction, and mining. For corporate jobs, there are product lines to make them look smart and sharp. Hi-vis garments are available, as well. DNC strives to provide quality workwear with competitive prices.

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