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Here at The Workers Shop, we only stock the best brands available in Australia. These include KingGee, Hard Yakka, Stubbies, Steel Blue, Blundstone, Prochoice, Oliver Footwear, Bisley Workwear and other trusted manufacturers.

KingGee logo


Established in 1926 by Robert Adcock of Concord in Sydney, KingGee was initially a producer of overalls. The origin of the name is said to be due to the reigning monarch of the time, King George V, and was an expression meaning “the best” or “tops.”

Hard Yakka logo

Hard Yakka

Hard Yakka was founded in the 1930s during The Great Depression by David K. Laidlaw as a supplier of durable workwear. The company name is derived from an Aboriginal word for “hard work.” Initially located in his parents’ house in Brunswick Victoria, the business continued to grow and was able to open a new manufacturing facility in Sunbury.

Stubbies logo


Providing quality wear for casual, work and play since 1972, Stubbies is a brand that was introduced by clothing manufacturer Edward Fletcher and Co., a company that had been in business since 1939.



Oliver Footwear has been making boots since 1887 when it was established as Oliver & Stevens to produce tough, durable footwear for miners and farmers in the Ballarat area.

Bisley workwear

Bisley Workwear

Bisley Workwear has been in business for almost six decades, producing quality workwear, safety wear, and protective clothing for the Australian worker.

Mongrel logo

Mongrel Boots

Mongrel Boots are a brand manufactured by Victor Footwear, which was introduced in 2000 with just one style and only promoted with its box label.

DNC logo


DNC stands for “Durable N Comfortable Workwear” and it truly lives up that name. This Australian brand is proud to meet the highest standards of quality control and provide products meant for a wide variety of work activities.

Rossi Boots

Rossi Boots

In 1908, Arthur Rossiter began making boots in his shed, striking out on his own two years later. Quitting his public employment of 20 years and selling his house for the capital to start his own company, he began a business that has produced several generations of shoemakers, each building on the prior generation’s expertise.

Blundstone logo


Headquartered in Hobart, Tasmania, Blundstone has been manufacturing “Blunnies” since 1870. The boot’s signature look is that of an ankle boot with no tongue or laces and has elasticized sides for easy pulling on.

workit logo


The Workit Centre supplies PPE, safety footwear and workwear to the areas of Dundee, Angus, Tayside and North East Fife. Since their inception in 2008, they have developed relationships with many well-known brands in the business.

Steel Blue

Steel Blue

A premium safety footwear manufacturer and wholesaler based in Perth, Western Australia, Steel Blue has been manufacturing work boots since 1995.



Eyres Safety Optics is known for bringing a perfect vision to safety.
Since its inception in 1989, Eyres has become Australia’s top manufacturer of safety eyewear. The company name was chosen in honour of an Australian hero, Edward John Eyre, a famous frontier trailblazer.

Biz Collection logo

Biz Collection

Begun in 1989 in New Zealand, Biz Collection has celebrated 30 years as a manufacturer and supplier in the uniform and promotional apparel industry.

Magnum Essential Equipment


Magnum Boots. The Original. Delivering Uncompromised Products Since 1983.
Magnum boots are designed to outfit uniformed workers, cover the needs of industry requirements for work safety and provide protective footwear for fire/rescue workers and military personnel.

Redback logo


Producer of lightweight boots designed to support wearers who work in a multitude of industries. Service workers, technicians, construction, industrial, agricultural.  All segments can find the right work boot for their industry.

Gear For Life logo

Gear For Life

Supplier of gear such as duffle bags, luggage, coolers, products for outdoor, leisure and entertaining. Gear for Life also carries clothing lines such as polos and tees as well as outerwear.

Van Heusen


Known for its dress shirts since 1921, Van Heusen has since grown to include men’s suits as well as women’s office wear. Established in Pennsylvania, the United States, the shirts were imported into Australia in small quantities from England.

headwear professionals logo


Since 1974, The Headwear Stockists Group of Companies has been manufacturing and distributing headwear. The Headwear Professionals ship to every continent on the globe, providing customised headwear for small companies and corporations alike.

Fast Aid logo

Fast Aid

Fastaid creates high-quality, reliable products made to suit the needs of their intended customer perfectly. With a team knowledgeable in workplace regulations for anywhere in Australia, you can confidently buy Fastaid kits for your work needs.

Mack logo


Designed to endure, made to move, born to perform. The MACK division, operating under the license of BBO (Bunzl Brands & Operations Pty Ltd) is s supplier of personal protective equipment, workwear, footwear and specialised equipment for those in the manufacturing, construction, energy, and related sectors.

Bolle logo


Started in 1888, Bolle began as a producer of combs using horn and boxwood materials. They transitioned in the 1930s, beginning to produce sunglasses and glasses frames from materials they developed, Celluloid and Rhodoid. In the 1940s, after WWII, they began creating moulded nylon items, adding goggles and masks to their line in the 1950s.

Pro Safety Gear logo


Founded in 1982 by Rob Bird, Paramount Safety Products started as a laundering/recycling service for industrial use gloves. In 1984, the company became a supplier of new PPE products and gloves.

Fxd logo


Carrying technical workwear and work boots, FXD has over 400 stockists available in Australia, New Zealand, UK, Europe and the United States. “Function By Design“.

Capterpillar logo


CAT footwear, apparel, and accessories have been designed to reflect the Caterpillar brand’s strength. Men’s wear has been designed for both work and casual wear and is both hard wearing and stylish.

Brahma the name to trust logo


Brahma Industrial (under Clipper International Corp.) offers winter wear, high visibility clothing, flame retardant and anti-static products (FR/AS), backpacks, hydration packs, coolers and more for the industrial sectors.

3Peaks logo

3 Peaks

Above the clouds, below the trees.” This Canadian-based company promotes getting outside and enjoying the landscapes of the great outdoors. Their hoodies, tees, sweatshirts and accessories are designed for outdoor activities.

Huski logo


Huski produces safety wear meant to protect the worker who braves the elements and performs their job in dangerous conditions. Hi-vis shirts, jackets and outerwear and taped safety clothing are among the quality clothing they produce.

Rugged xtremes logo

Rugged Xtremes

Built to work. Manufacturer of rugged bags and backpacks.

Visitec logo


Visitec has been producing quality safety workwear for trades, and other industries for over 15 years.



A manufacturer of no tie shoelaces that replace traditional laces. These make any shoe easy to slip on and off. Just remove the current laces and thread Glydez in.

5.11 logo

5.11 Tactical

Always Be Ready. Not just a motto, this is the way of life that 5.11 Tactical promotes for themselves and for those who wear their gear. They started first with a pair of pants intended for the FBI Academy.

Ritemate logo

Rite Mate

Founded in 2006, Ritemate has been providing quality workwear for Australia’s hark workers. Its executives have been involved in the textile industry for over 30 years and bring a wealth of experience into developing their line using hard wearing fabrics and practical designs.



Science. Applied to Life“. A global science company inventing products to improve daily life and developing breakthrough solutions in 12 areas of expertise since 1902. Some of these areas include automotive, communication, energy, health care, manufacturing, mining, oil & gas, safety, transportation and others.

Winning spirit

Leaders of the pack in the market of wholesale uniform and workwear sales, Winning Spirit garments are designed for personalization and are available in a wide array of styles and colours.

RID 100ml Tropical Strength Roll On DC6000


Since the 1950s, RID has been protecting Australians from all insects that crawl and fly with its superior mixture of ingredients, including DEET, fly repellent, and antiseptic anti-inflammatory medicine. Look no further than the magenta bottle for instant insect relief.

Sun Zapper logo

Sun Zapper

These 100% Australian-made sunscreen and zinc sticks are made to withstand the harshest and fiercest of elements. Made from naturally sun-blocking zinc oxide, Sun Zapper products stay on in the water for hours without wearing off. Even those with sensitive skin love the sun blocking power of Sun Zapper.

Gerber gear


Gerber knows how to make tools and knives that last a lifetime. This American-based brand is renowned for innovative approaches to new gear. Soldiers, hunters, and tradesmen have carried Gerber gear for over 70 years and will continue to test the limits of these high-quality tools.



Create a happier workplace with Sundstrom and its line of protective accessories, including masks, shields, hoods, and helmets. Each item is designed for the highest level of protection and the greatest comfort. Sundstrom protective gear is also held to the highest standards of safety to create a happier, more protected workforce.

Barmah hats

Barmah Hats

Made with Australian leather, Barmah Hats have kept Australians protected from the elements for over 25 years. The classic design of these hats is a worthwhile purchase due to their durability and style. Barmah Hats is a truly iconic brand that is easily recognized all around the globe.



BioLite was first known for its revolutionary stove technology that leverages thermoelectrics. Today, the US company has developed other products, including rechargeable headlamps, with a sustainable design.

Black diamond


Black Diamond has offered different and innovative gear options for climbing and skiing enthusiasts since 1957. This globally-recognized company prides itself on creating the best products of the highest quality possible.



Hydration on the job is incredibly important and Sqwincher is committed to offering the highest quality hydration products. Sqwincher researches heavily to bring hydration solutions that match the needs and lifestyles of different individuals.

Wilderness wear


Wilderness Wear is a proud Australian company known for making premium outdoor clothing with standards matching internationally-recognized brands. Back in 1989, Wilderness Wear began by designed durable socks and expanded with thermal technology and innovative product lines.



Since 1944, Gloweave has specialized in quality shirts for both men and women. Each design maintains the reputation of Gloweave as an innovative and high-quality manufacturer of clothing.



Benchmark Clothing is a wholesale business that trades and supplies workwear products to the Australian workforce. The brand is known for its superior fabrics to create garments that exude meticulous attention to detail.

Camelbak logo


CamelBak has a legacy of providing innovative solutions for hydration – wherever and whenever – to cyclists and others. From backpacks that provide hands-free hydration to stainless steel bottles, CamelBak is a leader when it comes to helping quench thirst. All Camelbak products are made from durable materials meant to last through rugged conditions.



Contego is the top glove brand for mechanics due to its attention to detail and high-quality materials. Each product ensures safety and prevents disastrous hand injuries that can occur when handling certain equipment. Contego gloves are also designed to last while maintaining the same high standards of protection.



Provide maximum protection to your vulnerable hands with Force360 and its full range of gloves and other safety wear. All products manufactured by Force360 adhere to every single standard required by Australia. Each item blends protective design, innovative technology, and extra comfort.



Don’t let inclement weather prevent you from working, having fun, or living life. Rainbird weatherproof gear is designed in Australia with equal consideration of colour, style, and functionality. Each item created and sold in the Rainbird range conforms to high standards in both Australia and New Zealand, including a 3-year warranty on all products.

Bamboo textiles logo


Beautiful bamboo-blend fabric goes into every single product at Bamboo Textiles. These natural clothing pieces are the perfect solution to any need. Bamboo Textiles is especially known for its lovely line of yoga wear and socks, which are great for both work or play!

Fashion biz logo

Fashion Biz

This New Zealand-based brand places the utmost emphasis on producing high-quality clothing for workwear, professional wear, and uniform wear. A major point of distinction for Fashion Biz is the attention paid to meeting the needs of multiple types of work – from outdoor work requiring safety gear to office work requiring comfortable, but professional button-up shirts.



FLEXFIT is the coolest cap you can choose for your company or work needs. Each cap is made with the same high-quality, premium materials and construction as the last. FLEXFIT is proud to always be on the forefront of innovation when it comes to the headwear industry and its caps. With over 40 years in the world of manufacturing, FLEXFIT consistently produces only the best quality caps.

Howard leight logo

Howard Leight

Howard Leight is a Honeywell company focused on providing both passive and electronic hearing protection and eye protection products. Although Howard Leight is the leader in protection for shooting sports, its product line is excellent in all types of loud environments. From professional to lifestyle to recreational uses, Howard Leight’s products are always being updated through high-level testing.

Jb's Wear logo

Jb’s Wear

High-quality workwear is a family tradition at JB’s Wear. JB’s Wear has been Australian-owned and run by family for over 20 years. All types of workwear needs can be fulfilled with JB’s Wear products, including corporate clothing, hospitality uniforms, and casual work attire.

M & C Agencies Thick Australian Leather Belt 8430

M&C agencies

Look no further for high-quality, Australian-made leather belts than M&C Agencies. Each belt is sourced from completely Australian leather and manufactured to stand the test of time and wear.

Msa logo


MSA proudly works to keep men and women safe while at work. Each product is designed with the highest safety standards in Australia and internationally. MSA has been dedicated to safety since 1914 and has not stopped innovating its headgear and other items since that time.

Mustang logo


Mustang is an internationally recognized brand specializing in the best jeans. Each product is made to the highest standards down to every last little detail. Mustang jeans are durable, comfortable, and feature stylish cuts.

Prime Mover

Since 2003, Prime Mover has been known in Australia for being a source of tough and reliable work wear. When you choose a Prime Mover work wear piece, you are investing in a high-quality product worth the money you spend. All of the Prime Mover product range stays up-to-date with new styles and technologies. The best new fabrics are constantly being incorporated into new Prime Mover items.

uveto logo


Uveto Australia supplies innovative sun protection products to provide protection from dangerous UV radiation. Used for either work or free time, this brand includes safety sunglasses, hats, gloves, and more. These specialty products help minimize risk if you spend more time outdoors in the harsh Australian sunlight.

Dunlop volley logo


Volley is an Australian-based shoe brand that did not originally manufacture safety shoes. Now, Volley features several great options for safety shoes that are benchmark accredited Australian Safety footwear. Volley’s safety standards include heavy-duty construction to ensure extra durability and protection.

Wilderness wear

Wilderness Wear

Wilderness Wear specialises in premium outdoor clothing with only the highest standards. This Australian company is proud to offer durable clothing, from heavy-duty socks to innovative thermal clothing items. From 1989 until now, Wilderness Wear has been leading the way alongside internationally-recognized brands to bring Australians quality outdoor clothing.

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