In a number of industries, performing the job safely requires the right protective clothing. This includes protection from radiation, chemical and biological hazards, electricity, fire, heat, falls, respiratory hazards, hearing loss, vision loss, ultraviolet rays, and hazards germane to various work environments.

We offer protective gear to safely protect your eyes, ears and head. Hard hats, safety gloves, safety glasses and earmuffs are available in a range of quality brands, styles and pricing levels.

To protect workers and keep your company compliant with industry standards, The Workers Shop stocks safety products for all situations.

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Our Safety PPE Styles


Gloves protect your hands from any risk at the workplace. They are essential if your work exposes you to blood, body fluids, and infectious agents. Depending on the type of hand PPE you need, your gloves can keep you safe from harmful chemicals, abrasion, and sharp materials.


Required eye protection is a must in many industries. Protects from exposure to dust, chemicals, and flying debris. Designs include models that protect from glare or fogging and models that provide unrestricted side vision.

Hard Hats Perth

Shop our range of brim and vented hard hats that meet Australian safety standards. Designed for comfort and durability, and perfect for the toughest working conditions.


If earmuffs are a must at your workplace, you should only go for the best. Our earmuffs are designed to keep your ears and hearing protected while you work.

Skin protection

Many workers think about the safety of their heads but they forget that their skin also needs protection. Personal protective equipment for the skin is important. It will protect the worker from getting serious injuries or even illnesses.

Hearing Protection

When you work in noisy surroundings, you need correct PPE to keep your hearing safe and healthy. Without proper protection, you can end up with various consequences, including tinnitus, temporary hearing loss, and acoustic trauma.

Back Safety

Many workers protect their faces, hands, legs, and ears, but they forget about their backs. As you grow older, your back will not be as strong as it is now.


It is time to ditch your old water bottles with hydration backpacks. If you are looking for one, you have come to the right place. Here at The Workers Shop, we have Camelbak hydration backpacks in two and three-litre variations.

Respirators & Masks

Whether you need a respirator or mask, you can find it here at The Workers Shop. Before you buy, you should know first which one you truly require for work.

Body Protection

Here at The Workers Shop, we have all kinds of body protection PPE, including electrical first aid kit. It is ideal for those working in high-risk environments involving electricity.

Face Protection

Many products can keep a worker’s face safe. Here at The Workers Shop, we sell face socks, which are designed to keep the face protected against the harmful UV rays of the sun.

First Aid Kits

Selecting your first aid kit does not have to be as complicated as it sounds. You just need to find the right components, along with the basic contents that should be present in the kit.

Top Brands

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Does Our Hi-vis Workwear Comply With Australian Standards?

In certain occupations, hi-vis clothing is required by law in Australia. These include:

  • STANDARD AS/NZ 1906.4: 2010 – Reflective and reflective materials worn day or night.
  • Materials for Safety Garments Worn in Traffic Control makes a distinction between required fluorescent garments (Class F worn during daylight hours) required reflective materials (Class R for dark situations and at night) and Class RF a combination of fluorescent and reflective materials.
  • STANDARD AS/NZ 4602.1: 2011 – Design Requirements for Clothing Worn in High-Risk Workplaces differentiates between types of Hi-Vis workwear based on the time of day one wears the garment. A Class D garment for daylight hours, a Class N for night time, and Class DN for any time wear.


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