BioLite is a New York-based business founded by Alexander Drummond and Jonathan Cedar in 2006. The then-start-up was on a mission to revolutionise the energy market. With a plan to transform how people cook food, charge batteries, and generate light, a team of professionals, including engineers, designers, and analysts, gathered to form BioLite products.

One of the most notable and is widely used in Australia, and the US is the BioLite HeadLamp. It’s a rechargeable and wearable lantern that uses Lithium-ion batteries. The HeadLamp only requires a USB connection for recharging, which is an extreme convenience for workers, as well as adventure and outdoor enthusiasts.

BioLite is a company composed of like-minded professionals who view advanced technologies as an opportunity to create more sustainable products. The target consumers are workers and people on the go who need an innovative way to produce light and even cook food. With sustainability in mind, BioLite aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The founders hope that campers will one day no longer use stoves that utilise fossil fuel and instead choose biomass stoves that create smokeless fires.

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