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Every worker needs a bag, but which type of bag do you need? Should it be a big, bulky backpack or would a small, handy tool bag be more useful for you? This blog post will help you figure out which bag is most suitable for your everyday work and activities.

Bags are the one accessory that offers practical function. It is not just about going well with your outfit. Sometimes, workers are more concerned about whether or not the bag is enough to hold their work essentials.

If you are still on your search for a work bag, here are quick tips on how you can land the perfect one for you:

  • Find the right size. The last thing you want is to carry two (or more) bags to work.
  • Comfort is an important factor when choosing a bag. Since you will carry it to work with you almost every day, you do not want it to be too heavy and cumbersome. It should never be too small for you, either.
  • Choose whether you like a thin or thick bag. There has been an ongoing debate surrounding this topic. Thicker bags are uncomfortable, and slimmer bags will not get in the way. On the other hand, you will usually get a smaller back when it is thin, so there will be less space for your stuff.

Finally, you should select the right type of bag for your job. Yes, there is such a thing as the correct type of bag. For example, you do not want to use a backpack if your bag is full of tools. While you can take the case with you, wouldn’t it be better if your bag has all the necessary pockets to handle the tools with or without the case?

In this section, we will proceed to give you your bag type options. This way, when you shop for a bag next time, you will know which to go for based on your needs, preference, and daily tasks.

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    1. BackpacksPerhaps backpacks are the most common type, which is why you know exactly what a backpack is. You have seen it a thousand times in school, your workplace, and everywhere else. One thing is for sure: backpacks are versatile. They have become useful gear for workers, particularly those who prefer simplicity.

      Backpacks are recognisable, especially with their two straps, which allow you to carry them with ease. If it is big enough, you can put your laptop in it. Backpacks tend to look unprofessional, however. They are the equivalent of jeans in the clothing world. You may want to choose a “professional” colour, such as black or dark blue. They can be particular useful if you’re required to carry a laptop around for work, as many include a place for your laptop and charger.

      The style and type of backpack can help, though. For example, you can opt for a hi-vis backpack, which, of course, does not scream “student.”

    2. Duffle BagsThis type of bag is a brilliant choice for workers, especially those who are quite active and move around a lot. It is sturdy and practical, often thought to be designed especially for those in the army. Its simplicity is what makes it a favourite. You can just throw your gear in it and toss the bag over your shoulder to begin your exploration.

      This bag has a fascinating history with roots in the military. It is why anyone who uses the bag is more often than thought to be a soldier. But you do not have to serve to carry a duffle bag. Anyone can use them, especially hardworking people who require a durable bag with resilient straps that can handle heavier weights.

    3. Messenger BagsThe messenger bag is one of the most versatile pieces around. It can look both casual and professional at the same time. The name comes from the fact that it was made famous by postmen on their bicycles back in the old days. However, the style has evolved to meet the needs and tastes of modern workers.

      You will instantly recognise a messenger bag. It is often deemed as a crossbody type of gear, although some prefer to wear it on a shoulder. It also has the aesthetic of a satchel, but is much bigger and rectangular in shape.

      A messenger bag may be your choice if you like everything in one place. For example, you can find a bag that doubles as a padded sleeve for your laptop. It can even have extra panels where you can store your items, such as pens, notebooks, and phones.

construction worker tradie with toolbag

  1. WorkbagsAlso known as a tool bag, you can already tell that a workbag is one of the essential accessories you can have. Workbags come in a variety of styles so that you can pick the most suitable for you. You will find one designed like a tote, backpack, or even a shoulder bag. Some have a lot of pockets, which allow you to carry all your things in just one bag.

    A tradie will surely benefit from a workbag. While you can use your toolbox, having a bag is more comfortable, especially when you are on the move. Toolboxes tend to be heavy and take up a lot of space because of their rigidity. On the other hand, a tool bag can be folded or at least moulded, depending on the available space.

    Its malleability lets you store it in tight spaces or even on the floor. If you plan to purchase a workbag, opt for one that has many pockets or dividers. This way, you can store several of your tools in the most secure way possible.

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