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Hard Yakka is a brand name synonymous with durability and quality. These traits are of paramount importance when it comes to workwear.

Investing in the right workwear is vital for long-term growth and success. It plays a key role in boosting employee productivity and safety. Some workers, such as those in the construction industry and emergency or health services, require more protection.

Hard Yakka offers high-quality workwear that meets the specific requirements of almost any industry. Whether you need safety boots, pants, vests, or hi-vis jackets, there’s something for you at Hard Yakka.


Why Australia Trusts Hard Yakka

Australian businesses recognise the value of providing suitable, high-quality workwear to their workforce. Hard Yakka has become one of the premier choices for tops and pants, footwear, and protective clothing.

When choosing staff workwear, you’ll find numerous options, including Hard Yakka. Cost, function, and quality are factors that should be considered before purchasing. Here are five reasons that will convince you that Hard Yakka is the best choice for your workforce:


1. Durability

Workplace environments can be harsh. You need tougher workwear to stay productive throughout the day. Hard Yakka delivers when it comes to toughness and durability.

Each product, such as pants, shirts, or footwear, is designed and created with the rigours of the workplace. The brand uses quality materials known to outlast cheaper garments many times over.


2. Australian-Made

Hard Yakka (Aboriginal meaning: work) started in the 1930s in Brunswick, Victoria. David K. Laidlaw founded the company in his parent’s house before expanding to new plants in Sunbury and Broadmeadows.

Proud of its roots, Hard Yakka is now one of the biggest suppliers of workwear in the southern hemisphere, including pants, shirts, shorts, and vests.


3. Lifespan

Substances like grease, dust, and oil can leave deposits on workwear. Daily use and movement can lead to damage, as well.

Hard Yakka is built on hard work, which is what the brand name stands for. You’re not only compliant with industry standards but also suitable for its purpose and everyday wear.


4. Safety

One huge consideration for workwear is safety. Hard Yakka offers garments for hardworking individuals that can increase protection from dust, light, and heat.

Those in more demanding industries, including miners, welders, and construction workers, can find protective clothing with flame-resistance capabilities, such as PPE2 fire retardant shirts and cargo-taped pants.


5. Cost-Effective

An old saying goes, “Buy once, buy well,” which certainly rings true in workwear. Hard Yakka’s high-quality products are not just for meeting essential worker clothing criteria; they are designed with longevity in mind.

Hard Yakka does not easily show signs of wear and tear, unlike other cheaper workwear. Repurchasing is less frequent, which means you save money for the long term.

Back and side view of Hard Yakka pants.


Hard Yakka Range of Styles and Options

Since the year 2000, the Hard Yakka brand has grown significantly. It now has different footwear, clothing lines, and accessories, innovating a variety of styles and options, including:

  • Women: Hard Yakka offers a vast selection of women’s workwear, including fire-retardant pants, hi-vis long-sleeved shirts and safety shoes. Take a look at the workwear collection for ladies here.
  • Reinforced Knees: Xtreme Pant and the 2.0 version feature Cordura to provide extra knee protection. These areas face more abrasion and therefore require stress-prevention fabrics. Hard Yakka also offers pants with knee pad pockets where you can insert knee pads, which remain in place, so you stay comfortable even when kneeling.
  • Extra Pockets: Sometimes, two or even four pockets are not enough. Hard Yakka has some options for those looking for extra storage for their mobile phone, tools, and more. The Legends Slim Pant is popular for its not one, not two, but eight utility pockets. All are reinforced to withstand rips and tears inside and out.
  • Hi-Vis: Garments labelled as hi-vis are made from materials that allow easier detection of the wearer’s presence. They are helpful and typically worn by workers who encounter or work with other vehicle operators and drivers to avoid accidents. The antistatic PPE taped jacket is a best-seller, along with the taped pant for ladies and ShieldTec taped shirt.
  • Technology Advances: Select Hard Yakka garments, such as the Short Sleeve Closed Front Drill Shirt, are rated as UPF 50+, meaning they meet the minimum body coverage against UV radiation defined in the updated AS/NZS 4399:2017. You’ll also find workwear constructed with waterproof garments, seam-sealed to prevent water from penetrating the clothing. Other technology advancements in Hard Yakka work gear include moisture management, triple stitching, antimicrobial properties, and improved breathability.

Hard Yakka products are designed and tested to provide increased comfort, durability, and safety for the workforce. From little features like easy-access pockets to sun protection, the brand continues to lead the way with innovative workwear.


Why Choose Workers Shop as Your Hard Yakka Supplier

A hard worker like you deserves only the best. That’s what The Workers Shop is for. Our selection of Hard Yakka products is handpicked to suit dedicated men and women in the workforce in any industry.

The Workers Shop is where you can find Hard Yakka clothing and footwear for your team. We tailor our services according to the diverse requirements of your industry and organisation. Whether you work in health, airlines, retail, or the public sector, we have expert knowledge of the brand. That means we can assist you in finding suitable styles and fit that meet the needs of your workforce.

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