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Steel Blue has a reputation for quality, durability and reliability. It’s one of Australia’s most popular work boots because it’s been serving hardworking Australians for years. Steel Blue boots are worn by people in a wide range of industries, including construction workers, farmers and chemical plant workers.

Steel Blue’s Argyle series is ideal for workers who need high-quality protective footwear at affordable prices. The boots are available in multiple styles to suit the needs of each industry and worker. The styles contain features such as metatarsal guards, steel toe caps, electrical hazard protection, steel shanks, and more.

So, which work boot from the Argyle collection suits you? Let’s take a look below.


Steel Toe Cap

This boot is the classic safety design of the Argyle collection from Steel Blue and features high-quality materials and premium safety points. A boot of choice for dock workers, tilers, warehouse staff, and plumbers, it has a classic lace-up, ankle boot design with a padded collar for comfort. The materials are water-resistant leather like the rest of the Argyle collection.

Inside, the boot is lined with a non-abrasive, hydrophobic material called Baltico. You can wear these boots outside or in a hot factory environment and stay cool. A 200J safety steel toe cap creates a protective barrier against injury. And the thick innersole retains shape for longer than other materials.


Composite Toe

Sometimes you need the same great protection without the heavy nature of a steel toe cap. These workwear boots from Steel Blue feature all the excellent elements that make the zip-up boots from the Argyle range popular. However, they also have a composite toe cap in place of a hardened steel toe cap.

This composite toe cap is more lightweight thanks to its non-metallic design. If you are a FIFO worker who needs to move through secure work areas often, then these are the boots for you. The composite toe cap design is airport friendly and can be x-rayed without issue. The composite materials are designed to not rust or decay.



Zip With Bump Cap

An all-leather boot made out of tough, long-lasting materials, the Argyle Zip With Bump Cap combines feet protection with style. This workwear boot has a hardened steel bump cap on the outer toe box, which makes it ideal for jobs working in factories or around heavy machinery. Additionally, these boots have a convenient side zip so you can pull them on and go.

Like many of the other boots from the Steel Blue Argyle collection, this design features water-resistance characteristics and a classic lace-up look. What makes it special, however, is a heat-resistant outsole. The TPU outsole can resist temperatures up to 130 degrees Celsius.


Meta Safety Boot

A popular choice in the Argyle range, this workwear boot features water-resistant leather treated with a special tanning process and a premium toe cap made from hardened steel. Every material that goes into these boots is designed for durability and longevity. In addition to standard leather and safety features, these Argyle boots have anti-static properties and a heat-resistant outsole.

What makes the Argyle Meta Safety Boot truly special is the addition of the metatarsal guard. This unique guard provides impact protection to that vulnerable part of the foot. You can reduce your risk of injury on construction job sites, factory floors, and more.

Argyle Meta Safety Boot


Safety Zip Boot

A zip-up boot from Steel Blue’s Argyle collection, this shoe combines all the best features into one great workwear product. It has the premium, long-lasting leather typical of Steel Blue boots, as well as the water resistance and heat resistance that makes it perfect for a wide range of work sites. These boots also feature anti-static technology that helps dissipate static electricity out through the sole for your safety.

The side zip design lets you take these boots and go when you are running late to a work site or transitioning out of the office for the day. A lace-up design allows you to adjust them as you please.


Nitrile Safety Boot

A boot of choice for workers who need heat protection, the Nitrile Safety Boot from the Steel Blue Argyle collection is a tough, long-lasting shoe. It features the same features and characteristics that make all Argyle boots amazing, such as the water-resistant leather outer and anti-static properties.

These boots also feature the addition of a nitrile outsole. This nitrile outsole provides better and more resilient heat protection than any other outsole material. You can trust these boots to protect you and your feet in several dangerous industries.

Nitrile Safety Boot


Nitrile Zip Safety Boot

These boots from Steel Blue’s Argyle range combine an excellent, heat-resistant outsole made from nitrile with a durable and protective bump cap. This boot design also features many great characteristics that make the Argyle collection so popular. You will notice the convenient zip-up design and oil and slip resistance of these boots. Warehouse workers, dock workers, construction workers, and more enjoy these boots.

The nitrile outsole on these Steel Blue Argyle Zip Safety boots gives you the most reliable protection from heat and extreme temperatures. Your safety is paramount, and these boots were created to ensure it.


Womens Argyle Safety

The ladies are not forgotten by Steel Blue with their classic Argyle boot range. These Steel Blue Ladies Argyle Safety work boots are designed to suit a woman’s smaller feet but offer the same great protection. Women working in a wide variety of industries will appreciate these boots. The comfortable lace-up design is a popular choice for mining, road, and construction workers who are on their feet a lot every day.

These boots have a shorter ankle length and smaller instep to suit women’s feet better. They also have a hardened steel safety toe cap, oil resistance, anti-static properties, and a TPU, heat-resistant outsole.Steel Blue Ladies Argyle Safety


Non-Safety Boots

A basic workwear boot for agriculture, outdoor jobs, and more, these non-safety boots from the Steel Blue Argyle collection are made of high-quality, full-grain Nubuck leather. A simple design hides excellent features, including a TPU outsole that is heat resistant up to 130 degrees Celsius. These boots are also anti-static and water-resistant. You can be more comfortable on wet days thanks to the special tanning process that makes the leather repel water.

This pair of boots has a classic design with a lace-up front. The result is a snug fit that you can adjust for your ultimate level of comfort.

Steel Blue Argyle Zip Non-Safety


Bump Cap Non-Zip

This workwear boot is very similar to another product in the Argyle range but does not feature the side zip design. Instead, these boots have a classic fastening on the front with durable laces. You can adjust the fit to your preference. Otherwise, they are ideal for almost any type of work environment. The toe cap features hardened steel, the outsole is made from heat-resistant TPU material, and the leather is pre-treated for water resistance.

These boots are a frequent choice for glaziers, bricklayers, and sandblasters thanks to the heat-resistant TPU outsole. Other properties of the outsole are attractive to these professions, including the anti-static design and oil and slip resistance.


Zip Safety Scuff Cap

Combining multiple elements of safety and protective features, these classic Argyle boots from Steel Blue will benefit workers of any industry. The basic Argyle look, with an ankle design and full-grain Nubuck leather, is paired with a steel toe cap and durable, heat-resistant outsole. The side zip makes it easy to slip these shoes on before work.

However, this pair of boots has the added benefit of a scuff cap. This streamlined toe cover is resistant to abrasions. It also is designed to cover and protect more of the boot, which means your feet are much more protected from abrasions and impacts.


Zip Non-Safety

With superior slip and oil resistance, the Argyle Zip Non-Safety boot will exceed your expectations. Tested under rigorous conditions, these leather boots are designed with the worker in mind. In addition, these boots from the Argyle collection have a side zip design for easy on-and-off access. It also features a detailed, lace-up fastening that allows the wearer to adjust the boots for their comfort.

These boots are great for a wide variety of industries, including agriculture, due to their water-resistant design. A special tanning process gives these work shoes more durable protection against water damage and discomfort.

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